3D Model: White American Football Player HQ

The model and its accessories, if any, have been created with 3D Studio Max (2017 version)

The topology is made up of quads and triangles

The images have been created with the Vray rendering engine (version 3.4)


Texture sizes are from 2048x2048px to 4096x4096px

All textures are in TGA format

The .jpg file ‘environment.jpg’ in the texture folder, have been used during the rendering process

The unit of measurement used for the model is centimeter (cm)


The model has been rigged with 3D Studio Max Biped 2017

The package includes 22 animation:

-An additional file with all the animation added in a sequence on a single timeline through the mixer of 3D Studio Max (the intervals between the animations are pointed beside the name in the list below)



-evading left

-evading right


-jump with ball

-kick off

-running backward

-running cycle

-running look back

-running turn back

-running turn forward

-running with ball

-start match

-strafe left

-strafe right

-strafe left with ball

-strafe right with ball

-throw ball

-2 kind of victory

The animation is in place

The animation have been crafted (no motion capture)


The FBX files of the animations have been ported with Autodesk FBX 2017

The bones of the biped are converted in dummy format during the porting from .max to .fbx

Please note that:

The FBX is used to provide interoperability between digital content creation applications, but unlike the original 3D Studio Max files, it can’t be edited in the same way because it doesn’t have the same features.


The package includes:

-the native file: 3d studio .max (2017) with Vray scene (3.4)

-the .max with default scanline

-the .max file of animation

-the .fbx files

-the textures of the meshes listed before

High Resolution White American Football Player

This 3D model is suitable for high definition images and general animations

The model and its accessories have been created with 3D Studio Max (2017 version)

 The images have been created with the Vray rendering engine (version 3.4)


The package includes 22 animations