Fox TV: Da Vinci’s Demons

At the launch of the new tv show “Da Vinci’s Demons” Fox Tv and “Gruppo Roncaglia” asked us to create a website dedicated to the genius Leonardo da Vinci.

The result is a website that shows Da Vinci’s experiments and inventions to the last detail and involves users with the interactive 3D models, created by our 3D artists.


Code This Lab – (development/3D graphics)

Gruppo Roncaglia (project management/art director)

FOX Italy (customer)

A dreamlike graphics  and dozens of 3D models for a website that involves and enchants the same way as the genius Leonardo

Home Page

All the 3D models were created by our 3D artists

The Glinder

Eight Barrelled Machine Gun



Barrage Cannon

Diving Apparatus

Ship With Sickle

Ogival Bullet

Archimedes’ screw