Skinless Crawler

This model was realized using 3D Studio Max (version 2011) and VRay rendering engine, so it is optimized for working in this environment.

We can not be held responsible for the use of this model in environments different from the recommended one.

The model is a low poly composed by quads and triangles distributed across the topology in a well balanced way.

The rendering shown was made using VRay 2.0 and scene setup provided in the file MAX.

The renderer visible in the scene can be obtained just with the native file.


Textures are 1024×1024.

All textures are in TGA format.

The texture contains backing occlusion, premultiplied with the addition of normal map.


The model is rigged using the standard 3ds max biped. The facial rigging is managed by one bone that allows the mouth opening.

The model is fully articulated with 7 animations:


-Hit back

-Hit front






The FBX format included in the package can be used as it is provided, and is not editable. To get a similar quality of rendering images of the gallery, you must set the materials, lights and photo set independently.


3D Monster suitable for realtime and videogames