Table Casino – Texas Holdem Poker

This model is suitable for high-resolution images or casino videogames. The package includes:



-Fiches/chips (1 to 10,000);

-Two decks of poker cards (each of which is composed of 52 cards);

-The rake.

The table is available with green felt (it’s customizable). The fiche/chip has a high-resolution textures, also customizable. All metal parts are covered with procedural materials, while the wood and leather are tiled and textured with bump maps. The backs of the cards have two separate texture, red and blue.

The rendering shown was made using Vray materials and scene setup provided in the file MAX (Vray lights, Vray materials and environment for scene setup).

The FBX format included in the package can be used as it is provided, and is not editabable. To get the same quality of rendering images in the gallery, you must set independently the materials, lights and photo set.

With the FBX will not be possible to reach the same level of smoothing/tesseling version of MAX.

Table for high-resolution images or casino videogames

The package includes:



-Fiches/chips (1 to 10,000)

-Two decks of poker cards (each of which is composed of 52 cards)

-The rake