White Soccer Player Russia CG

This model was realized using 3D Studio Max (version 2011) and Vray rendering engine (version 2.0), so it is optimized for working in this environment.

We can not be held responsible for the use of this model in environments different from the recommended one.

The model is a high poly composed by quads and triangles distributed across the topology in a well balanced way.

The rendering shown was made using Vray materials and scene setup provided in the file MAX (Vray lights, Vray materials and environment for scene setup).

TurboSmooth modifier was applied to the model for achieving the best quality.

The renderer visible in the scene can be obtained just using the native file (.max).


Textures are from 2048×2048 to 4096×4096.

All textures are in TGA format.

The package includes only RUSSIA jersey


The package includes two versions of the file:

-Default scanline version with standard materials and lights

-VRay version with vray materials and VrayLights


The model is rigged using the standard 3dsmax biped, with the addition of a bone for both the eyes, managed by a “look at costraint” to allow its rotation.

Facial expressions are handled with the morpher modifier.

The scene includes 9 facial morphs:


-Left blink

-Right blink



-Left brow up and down

-Right brow up and down

The package includes 8 animations:


-Free kick


-Heel lift

-Overhead kick

-Penality shot

-Stop ball



The file .obj contains only the geometry (T-pose and heads with static facial expression). So any facial morphing, rigging and animations must be created from the scratch by the customers.


The FBX format included in the package can be used as it is provided, and is not editabable. To get a similar quality of rendering images of the gallery, you must set the materials, lights and photo set independently.

Photo-realistic soccer player for high definition images and general animations

The model is a high poly composed by quads and triangles distributed across the topology in a well balanced way

All textures are in TGA format