We are skilled in the development of HTML5 games the new spreading technology that will satisfy your craving for fun while you are on the go.

3D Graphics

We create 3D models for any field of computer graphics: video games, advertising, augmented reality, animation and special effects.

API Creation

We create APIs that fuel the real multichannel experience, for Enterprises, Governments and Gaming. Our microservices help express your potential, providing a unique and profitable experience.

Content Management Systems

Manage your company, take care of your customers and update your website autonomously and in no time with our management softwares.

Latest News

HTML5 game: The Running Champion

The Running Champion is a HTML5 run game. You control a soccer player that must avoid opponent’s tackle. Your aim is to avoid enemies for as long as possible, each tackle suffered cost you a life (you have three lives). Credits: Code This Lab (development/graphic)      

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HTML5 game: Memory Art

Memory Art is a clone of the famous game Simon. Your goal is to memorize the color sequence and repeat it. Credits: Code This Lab (development/graphic)

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